Luxury Winter Home Design Trends

Luxury Winter Home Design Trends

Do you own a home in the greater Houston area? Though Houston rarely gets temperatures lower than 50 and snow and ice are extremely rare, homeowners in the area still want to welcome in the winter months and mark the changing of the season. If you’re ready to embrace winter in your home or if you just want to change things up because you feel your home design has gotten a little stale, consider the following luxury winter home design trends.

1. Furniture

Winter furniture should welcome you to sit, wrap yourself in a blanket, and while away the hours with a hot mug of tea and a book. To achieve this goal, focus on warm wood elements with plush cushions and plenty of blankets in cozy materials like flannel, wool, and cashmere. Accent your main pieces of furniture with accessories in metal or mirrors to cast shine and to emphasize the glow that comes from candles or fireplaces.

2. Statement lighting

Enjoying winter is all about capitalizing on the natural light when you can and creating a cozy and warm ambiance with additional lighting inside your home to enhance the mood when the sun goes down. Statement lighting is huge right now, and designers are often making lighting choices as one of the first decisions when they redecorate a room or space. Statement lighting acts as both a piece of art as well as a source of light. Think classic silhouettes from mid-century to old world, secondhand pieces with brass or black finishes, lamps, and fixtures made from sustainable organic materials with LED or other low-voltage bulbs.

3. Color combinations

Some colors just lend themselves naturally to certain seasons. Think: red for holiday time, yellow for spring, and ocean blue for summer. However, trending colors are also something to consider as you redesign rooms in your home for winter. This year, some trending colors for the cooler months are teal, reddish brown, light steel (a pale shade of blue), and ecru (beige with brown undertones). Consider using these colors on walls, on accent pillows or blankets, and on cozy rugs.

4. Biophilic design

Biophilic design–or design that connects us to the natural world–is popular in the cooler months when you can’t spend as much time outdoors. You can incorporate this trend in your home by strategically placing houseplants in various rooms as well as using natural materials like bamboo and wood. Not only will biophilic elements increase the overall look of your home, but it will also enhance your health and mood and increase productivity.

5. Custom activities rooms

Spending more time indoors means you need amenities to keep yourself in shape, entertained, and productive. If you’re planning a remodeling project for your winter design to-do list, consider converting a spare bedroom or other space into a dedicated activity room. Here are some options:


It’s no fun going to the gym when it’s dark out, or there’s a nip in the air. Increase your chances of working out by creating a home gym in your basement or spare bedroom. Install a high-tech surround sound system or television, some cardio equipment and free weights, and a full-length mirror so you can keep your form in check.

Home theater

Don’t want to head out to the movies or stream your favorite show on your small living room television? Create a home theater to transform your show or movie watching into a true experience. Install a jumbo television, add plenty of comfy seating, and make sure you have the sound wired to perfection. Add extra touches with a fun popcorn machine and some framed movie posters.

Home office

Home offices were at the top of the trending home design trends when the pandemic hit, but don’t think they’ve gone out of fashion since workers have started to return to their places of work. Home offices not only allow you to take advantage of flex time, but they also keep you productive if you need to take care of a few tasks on nights or weekends. Make sure your home office is complete with a comfortable office chair, desk, and desktop or laptop computer, or take it to the next level by making it into a fully functioning ‘Zoom Room.’

6. Outdoor living room

In Houston, you have the luxury of using the outdoors when it comes to luxury winter home design trends. While homeowners in other parts of the country will only be able to use their outdoor spaces during parts of the year, you should be able to continue enjoying your deck or patio year-round with a few added elements like a firepit, outdoor heater, or curtains. Make the most of this by creating an outdoor living room complete with a comfortable couch or loveseat (make sure it’s outdoor-friendly), a table to gather around for meals or drinks, and an outdoor television where you and your family can enjoy your favorite shows.

7. Eco-friendly features

Being friendly to the environment never goes out of style! Trending eco-friendly features for this winter include using recycled and sustainable materials like cork, bamboo, wool, bioglass, and bioplastic, as well as incorporating more greenery into your interior spaces. Another trend is making the most of what you already own rather than throwing things out and purchasing new ones. You can also embrace smart technology and upgrade your home’s energy efficiency to make your home greener as well as more comfortable as winter sets in.

Making the most of the season

Celebrate the cooler season and create a cozy haven in your home this winter by incorporating these luxury winter home design trends. Don’t have a home you want to invest in this winter or are you ready for an upgrade? Reach out to experienced local agent Melissa King. She can help you find your perfect Houston home for sale.

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